Coaches prepare for AFC "B" Course beginning Aug. 10

[August 8, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] After ascending the elite player pathway to Guam women’s national football team, Anjelica Perez also wants to fulfill her dream of one day coaching the Masakåda by following Guam’s elite coaching pathway.

Perez earned her AFC “C” Coaching License in 2012 and now is registered to take part in the upcoming AFC “B” Coaching Course set to begin Friday at the Guam Football Association National Training Center.

“I am excited to be back in the classroom to continue my coaching education, which will include topics on advanced technique and tactics,” Perez, 27, said. “I hope to gain insight on new topics, like coaching methodology and match analysis. I expect to learn how to best coach game tactics, like how to engage groups of players to achieve specific objectives during matches. In addition to the theories and principles of the game, I am excited to gain a broader perspective and greater confidence as a coach – all of which I will immediately apply in my capacity as a coach in Guam.


Dodd stresses importance of experience, production line

[July 30, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] As Head Coach of the Matao, one of the most important things is to ensure that there is a continual production line of players progressing through the national team pathway that is educated in playing football.

Let me define educated first before I come back to the importance of the production line. Educated means that throughout the pathway they have achieved all the milestones of the GFA long-term player pathway. This pathway coupled with the GFA football playing style, which is a total 180 degrees to the previous playing style of counter attacking football, being reactive, and trying to mitigate score lines at younger ages, rather than implementing a proactive football style which looks to take the game to the opponent – “Live on our feet, rather than die on our knees”. This approach takes time to master and is foreign to a lot of coaches and parents on the island as they may not have ever been through this process of short term pain for long term gain regarding football development.


Derrick Cruz passionate about developing as soccer coach

[July 4, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] Guam’s Derrick Cruz is on a mission to become the best football coach he can be to help propel Guam’s national program to higher levels.

Cruz, who earned his AFC “C” License in 2016, was selected by Guam Football Association to take part in the EAFF Youth Football Coaching Course in Beijing, China in late July and next looks to earn his AFC “B” License in a course set to begin in August.

“I very much look forward to attending upcoming coaching courses to help me improve as both a coach and player,” Cruz said. “I’ve learned so much through different education courses I have participated in – I’ve learned about many different aspects of coaching, including various age-appropriate drills to use and proper nutrition for athletes, as well as how to coach properly with efficient session planning.


Gadia qualified to instruct AFC "C" Courses independently

[March 28, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] Dominic Gadia officially became one of Asia’s newest AFC “C” Coaching Instructors after passing all examinations and receiving positive evaluations from other instructors, as announced via AFC correspondence to Guam Football Association.

Gadia, GFA’s Coach Education Development Officer, is Guam’s first and only homegrown AFC “C” Coaching Instructor after receiving high marks in last year’s AFC Member Association Instructor Course examination and positive evaluations after assisting instructors Richard Sinapan in December last year and Mohamed Basir last month. With his new credential, Gadia is now qualified to conduct AFC “C” License courses independently in Guam and across Asia.


Five coaches in Guam earn coveted AFC "C" License

[February 26, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] Five of Guam’s coaches – including three Guam National Team players – recently received their internationally recognized AFC “C” Coaching License certificates in a presentation ceremony Saturday at Fiesta Guam Resort.

“I am pleased to see more of Guam’s coaches, and in particular, National Team players who have chosen to also ascend through Guam’s elite coaching pathway, successfully pass the AFC “C” Licensing course examination and receive their certificates,” said Belinda Wilson, Guam Football Association Technical Director. “With the level of play in Guam constantly improving with the introduction of the Aloha Maid Minetgot Cup Elite Youth League and the new United Airlines GFA Center of Excellence, even more licensed coaches will be needed to continue this upward trend, which is all in line with GFA’s Strategic Plan.

“Through opportunities and support we provide Guam’s coaches, it is our hope that one day, homegrown coaches will lead Guam’s senior national teams to success in the international arena,” Wilson added.


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