GFA Technical Director Awa completes block two of FIFA Diploma course

GFA Technical Director Awa completes block two of FIFA Diploma course

[December 11, 2023 – Chiba, Japan] Guam Football Association Technical Director Ross Awa joined 24 other Technical Leaders from around the globe to learn more about Japan’s approach to achieving excellence as part of block two of FIFA’s new Technical Leadership Diploma held in Chiba, Japan, between 4-9 December.

“Attending the second block of the Technical Leadership Diploma in Japan was an incredible experience,” Awa said. “Interacting and collaborating with fellow Technical Directors and leaders in the field was highly informative and inspiring. We were able to dive deeper into best practices in developing an effective team in a high-performance environment and enhance my understanding and proficiencies as a Technical Leader.

“This block provided a platform to exchange knowledge and concepts of bridging a national playing philosophy to a successful coach education program, which is part of an overarching project that will support football development in Guam,” Awa added.

Awa explored ‘Kaizen’, the Japanese principle of continuous improvement, during the six-day workshop that included study visits to Toyota, Sumo Training Stables, and the Japanese FA.

Achieving excellence in the areas of Talent ID and recruitment, Coach Education, National Teams, and Quality Assurance was also covered by participants who are undertaking the 18-month long course.

“On behalf of Guam Football Association, I commend all of Ross’ efforts to succeed in the first-ever FIFA Technical Leadership Diploma Course – not only for his professional development but also for the contributions he will make to football development in Guam as a result of this course,” said Valentino San Gil, Guam Football Association President. “I am expecting all the knowledge he’s gained to be shared with the local football community and applied to all areas of the sport’s development in Guam, especially for our athletes and coaches.”

‘Globally recognized qualification’ for Technical Leaders

“We were delighted to welcome Ross onto block two of our new Technical Leadership Diploma in Japan (last) week,” said Jamie Houchen, FIFA Head of Technical Leadership. “Japan has proven to be the perfect location for block two of the Diploma and the focus on achieving excellence.

“The unique Japanese culture and tradition, as well as the focus on long-term planning and total quality management allowed all participants to look at what excellence looks like in a different context. Most importantly, there has been a lot of thorough planning and consideration with regards to transferring these lessons back into their own associations,” Houchen added.

The FIFA Technical Leadership Diploma aims to become the ‘globally recognized qualification’ for Technical Leaders working in the game and prepares participants for the distinct challenges and opportunities faced by a Technical Leader within a Member Association. Five core domain areas are covered:

• Technical Leadership
• High Performance
• Coach Education
• Amateur Football
• Management

All 25 participants listed below received a personal invite to join the program:

• Ricardo Leao – Brazil FA
• Aabed Alansari – Bahrain FA
• Ross Awa – Guam FA
• Indra Sjafri – Indonesia FA (PSSI)
• Mohamad Bassem – Lebanese FA
• Carles Romagosa – Thailand FA (FAT)
• Bhekisisa Boy Mkhonta – Eswatini FA
• Benjamin Kumwenda – Malawi FA
• Jaqueline Shipanga – Namibia FA
• Walter Steenbok – South African FA
• Ali Mwebe – Uganda FA
• Lyson Zulu – Zambia FF
• Iván Novella – Colombian FF
• Anton Corneal – Trinidad and Tobago FA
• Luis Castro – Argentine FA
• Stipe Pletikosa – Croatia FF
• Kay Cossington – English FA
• Janno Kivisild – Estonian FA
• Marians Pahars – Latvian FF
• Diana Bulgaru – Moldova FA
• Andrew Gould – Scottish FA
• Lili Bai – Asian Football Confederation
• Jayne Ludlow – Manchester City FC
• Patricia Gonzalez – FIFA
• Buman-Uchral Bold – Mongolian FF

For more information about the FIFA Technical Leadership Diploma, visit–fifa-launches-new-technical-leadership-diploma.php

Guam Football Association Technical Director Ross Awa, kneeling, seventh from left, poses with Technical Leaders selected by FIFA for its first-ever Technical Leadership Diploma Course and course educators during block two of the course held in Chiba, Japan Dec. 4-9.