Gadia qualified to instruct AFC “C” Courses independently

Gadia qualified to instruct AFC “C” Courses independently

[March 28, 2018 – Harmon, Guam] Dominic Gadia officially became one of Asia’s newest AFC “C” Coaching Instructors after passing all examinations and receiving positive evaluations from other instructors, as announced via AFC correspondence to Guam Football Association.

Gadia, GFA’s Coach Education Development Officer, is Guam’s first and only homegrown AFC “C” Coaching Instructor after receiving high marks in last year’s AFC Member Association Instructor Course examination and positive evaluations after assisting instructors Richard Sinapan in December last year and Mohamed Basir last month. With his new credential, Gadia is now qualified to conduct AFC “C” License courses independently in Guam and across Asia.

“GFA believes that with better coaches, we can produce better players and for that reason, GFA has identified coaching education as a key pillar of its development strategy,” Gadia said. “By developing a local instructor, GFA can now begin conducting courses to improve and raise the standards of our coaches here on island. Additionally, GFA can now tailor its coach education programs to the needs and demands of local coaches and football in Guam.

“The staircase of a coach/coach educator is an endless one. As a coach educator, I need to work toward achieving certification to conduct the AFC “B” License course. It has been discussed that AFC has created a coaching convention and that GFA is working toward applying to become a member of the convention. The goal of the convention seeks to define, maintain, and raise the standards of tutors/coach education programs all throughout Asia. By 2019, an AFC coaching license is only valid and recognized by AFC if your Member Association is part of this convention,” Gadia added.

Based on GFA’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020, objectives under Coach Education include: increase the number of active certified coaches by 30% by 2020 and develop a minimum of two local AFC Coach Instructors by 2020. With Gadia achieving AFC Instructor status, half of one objective has already been met. With his new role in delivering AFC “C” License courses, the plan’s other objective is on track to be achieved. The full strategic plan is available to review online at

“This is great news for the entire Guam football community,” said Belinda Wilson, GFA Technical Director, who also is a FIFA Instructor. “By having a local AFC Instructor on island, it changes the landscape for football. It’s the beginning of a new generation of coaches, as participants will reap the rewards of the new course schedules and delivery, all enhancing the learning outcomes.

“For a long time, GFA has had to rely on registering top coaching candidates to courses abroad for certification – just one or two per year – or has had to rely on the availability of a foreign coach to conduct courses in Guam with AFC approval. In last year’s Technical & Development Strategic Plan workshop, we identified these circumstances as some of the challenges that limited Guam’s overall progression in the sport. With a local AFC Instructor, these challenges are mitigated. Dominic’s progression through AFC’s Coach Education pathway is definitely noteworthy and I’m very pleased with his determination to achieve even more for Guam and for his own professional development,” Wilson added.

The AFC “C” License is internationally recognized and required to obtain higher level licenses, as well as specialized licenses for Goalkeeper Coaches and Fitness Coaches. A minimum of a “C” License is required to coach at the youth national level. Locally, the AFC “C” License is the minimum for all head coaches of the United Airlines Center of Excellence. The program, supported by Japan Football Association, began last month and officially replaced the former National Academy.

Beginning with the 2018/2019 season of the Budweiser Soccer League, an AFC “C” License will be required for coaches of teams competing in the Premier Division, among other team requirements.

Gadia’s first AFC “C” License Course as an AFC Instructor is tentatively scheduled to take place over the first three weekends in June at the GFA National Training Center. Interested coaches must first obtain a GFA “D” License to register for the AFC “C” License Course.

For coaches looking to obtain a GFA “D” License, two certificates must be earned – the GFA Skill Acquisition Certificate and the GFA Game Training Certificate.

Gadia will be conducting a GFA Skill Acquisition Certificate Course in two blocks – April 21-22 and will continue April 28-29. The course is structured for coaches working with players in the U9-U12 age group.

Gadia will then conduct the GFA Game Training Certification Course, the second and final component to obtain the newly structured GFA “D” License, in early May, in time to meet the pre-requisite for the AFC “C” License Course in June. To register for the GFA Game Training Certificate Course, coaches must already have obtained a previous GFA “D” License or the GFA Skill Acquisition Certificate. Coaches who’ve earned the AFC “C” License from previous courses are also welcome to register.

An additional AFC “C” License Course is tentatively scheduled to take place this year during the months of November and December, Gadia said.

Also in the pipeline in GFA’s Coach Education pathway is an upcoming AFC “B” License course to be conducted in two parts – the first in August and the second in January 2019.

For inquiries about upcoming coaching courses, send an E-mail message to [email protected] or to Chyna Ramirez, GFA Technical Administrator at [email protected].

Dominic Gadia conducts an Introduction to Coaching course for grassroots coaches earlier this year in this file photo. Gadia recently achieved full AFC Instructor status and is now qualified to conduct AFC “C” License courses independently in Guam and across Asia.

Dominic Gadia explains a training concept during a recent session of the United Airlines GFA Center of Excellence in this file photo. Gadia recently achieved full AFC Instructor status and is now qualified to conduct AFC “C” License courses independently in Guam and across Asia.