Moms emulate kids' talent in Soccer Moms League

[June 22, 2015 - Harmon, Guam] For many mothers who play in the Docomo Pacific GFA Soccer Moms League, the recognized athletic talent of their children oftentimes precedes them, creating certain expectations from teammates and opponents alike.

“When I first joined my team in the league, I would feel a little intimidated when some of my teammates would tell me, wow, your daughter is such a good player, maybe she got it from you and they would think I knew how to play,” said the Momsters’ Dee Shippey, mother of three soccer-playing children, including Franshay Shippey, IIAAG Girls High School Soccer League championship match MVP and youth national team player. “I actually never played soccer before until I joined the Soccer Moms League. I always tell others that the passion my children have to play the sport are really from them and I just support them when they play.


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