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Guam Football Associations organizes various annual leagues for youth athletes, female youth athletes and adult athletes. Each summer, a Co-Ed Masters League is featured. To participate in leagues, interested players need to first register with a club and then register at Guam Football Association for an official league player card. The player card fee is $50 for youth leagues and $85 for adult leagues. The player card is required to play in any league match and is good for one calendar year (January to December). Particularly for the men's leagues, the player card is valid from September to August.

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In one year, two youth leagues are held - the spring season beginning mid February and the fall season beginning mid September. Close to 3,000 participants play for 14 different club teams annually - Dededo Soccer Club, ISA Islanders, Lil' Bombers, MWR Barracudas, Orange Crushers, Quality Distributors Football Club, Sidekick Soccer Club, Southern Cobras, Southern Heat, Strykers, Tigers, Tumon Typhoons Soccer Club, Wings Football Club, and the Wolverines. The current Youth League Administrator is Franshay Shippey.

For adult athletes, various leagues for players of different skill levels are coordinated by GFA. Particularly for men's teams, an 11-A-Side league, a futsal league, and a beach soccer league are organized by the GFA Men's Committee. The Men's 11-A-Side League is composed of three divisions - Division I, Division II and the Masters division with a promotion/relegation system for Divisions I and II, and generally begins in September through to April depending on the number of teams registered for the league. The Men's Beach Soccer League begins in June. The Men's Futsal League generally begins in July depending on summer international tournaments where Guam is selected as the host nation. 

In women's soccer, leagues are either competitive or recreational. The competitive league consists of two divisions: the Women's Premier division and the W2 division. The Premier division is played in an 11-A-Side format twice yearly - generally beginning in Feburary for the Spring season and in September for the Fall season. The W2 division is played in a 9-A-Side format, also twice yearly. Recreational leagues, also played twice yearly are the GFA Intermediate Women's 9-A-Side Recreational League, the GFA Starter League, and the GFA Soccer Moms League.

In addition to the adult leagues, Guam Football Association also organizes the annual GFA Cup tournament for both the men's and women's teams.

In the summer, Guam Football Association organizes the Co-Ed Masters Soccer League, the only adult league that combines both male and female players. Male players need to at least be turning 40 years old in the calendar year of the league, while female players need to at least be turning 25 years old in the calendar year of the league. A minimum number of women must be playing at all times or the team receives a penalty.

The current Men's Administrator is Samuel San Gil and the interim Women's Administrator is Simie Willter.

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