All-Girls, Soccer Moms leagues looking for teams

All the fun from Guam Football Association and The Score’s Just Kick It: All-Girls Event held last year will return Feb. 9 at the GFA National Training Center with the event’s second edition.

“We’re excited to continue this event for our young female athletes, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the matches last year,” said Grace Martinez, GFA Women’s Administrator. “This time, the matches will be played on Sunday afternoons and will overlap the upcoming Docomo Pacific Robbie Webber Youth Soccer league, which opens Feb. 15. We would like to invite all players and teams to join – all female athletes from 6 years old to 17 years old are eligible to participate.”


Girls Health Fair scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 13

Guam Football Association will present its first-ever Girls Health Fair Saturday, Dec. 13 beginning at noon. The event is open to the public and there is no admission fee.

Participants will be able to communicate with field experts to help in overall fitness and participate directly in activities related soccer, tennis, CrossFit, kick boxing, and much more.


Wolverines, Heat earn championships in U14, U17 all-girls soccer

Being at the right place at the right time has a much stronger meaning now for the Guam Shipyard Wolverines, champions of the U14 division of the Guam Football Association and The Score’s “Just Kick It” All-Girls League at the GFA National Training Center Tuesday.

A communication error by the ASC Trust Islanders defense allowed a chip shot to fall into the box and deflect off of Wolverines striker Alina Gumataotao into the goal, which became the eventual game winner in the second half of extra time in an exciting 2-1 contest.


The Score's Just Kick It and FIFA Festival for Girls concludes

Weekend rain showers subsided just in time for hundreds of girls to play in the final week of The Score's "Just Kick It" All-Girls Event and FIFA Festival for Girls at the Guam Football Association National Training Center.

"I really liked it that we girls actually got to work together and play as one team through this event," said 12-year-old Amista Lujan from the Southern Cobras. "We also saw that boys aren't the only ones who can be tough on the field."


The Score's Just Kick It All-Girls Event and FIFA Festival for Girls officially kicks off

With the opposing goalkeeper drawn out in an earlier play, Yasmeen Lopez faced an empty goal as she received a pass from the right side during her team’s opening day match of The Score’s Just Kick It All Girls Event at the Guam Football Association National Training Center.

Lopez took advantage of the rare opportunity and beamed one of the broadest smiles of the day after her goal as she trotted back to the center of the field for the ensuing kick off. When she couldn’t contain her excitement anymore, she raised her arms and celebrated again with her Quality Distributors FC teammate who was just as excited.

“I like playing in the all-girls (team) because last time during the youth league with the boys, they hogged the ball and didn’t want to pass it to me,” Lopez said. “I think we work together more as a team in the all-girls (team).


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