All-Girls Event promotes fun

With the final week of the Guam Football Association and The Score’s “Just Kick It” All-Girls Event quickly approaching, over 100 girls will have had additional match experience to help them during the Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth League.

“The All-Girls Event is more about fun and I feel more free (to try different plays),” said 11-year-old Samantha Q. Fegurgur, who plays for Quality Distributors FC – at the U14 division in the youth league and U17 division in the all-girls event. “The youth league is more competitive, and there’s more pressure than the All-Girls Event.

“It’s good playing in both – I just have to adjust to my different teammates,” added the Harvest Christian Academy student.


All-Girls event continues to grow in popularity; U14 & U17 receive items from FIFA

No experience necessary for recruitment – just bundles of energy and a commitment to having fun required.

For many girls new to soccer, the past three weeks of The Score's Just Kick It All-Girls Event and FIFA Festival for Girls continues to be a grand opportunity to fall in love with the sport. For local clubs, the five-week event also is an opportunity to grow interest in the sport by inviting new, young female athletes who might not have otherwise played.


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