Belinda Wilson appointed as new GFA Technical Director

[May 23, 2017 - Harmon, Guam] Highly decorated professional coach and FIFA Technical Study Group member Belinda Wilson of Australia officially has been named Technical Director of Guam Football Association and head coach of the Masakåda, Guam women’s national team.

Wilson arrived in Guam May 16 after signing a two-year contract, with an option to renew, for the positions at GFA.

“Most of all it’s exciting obviously getting to know the people involved in football in Guam, but also understanding where we are from a footballing perspective,” Wilson said. “I think the overall impression I’ve gotten so far is that everyone is keen and passionate about football and developing the game on the island, with the focus around youth development.


Johnson, Naden in special tryout for HPU women's soccer

[April 12, 2017 - Harmon, Guam] While most students are leisurely enjoying Spring break, George Washington High School students and soccer standouts Skyylerblu Johnson and Colleen Naden will be in Hawaii this week for a special women’s soccer tryout session at Hawaii Pacific University.

The pair was introduced to Hawaii Pacific University women’s soccer head coach Gina Brewer by former Guam resident Phoebe Minato, who had previously played on the university’s team, as well as the Masakåda, Guam women’s national team. Johnson and Naden began E-mail communication in January with Brewer, who expressed interest in their potential contribution to the university’s team.

“I really hope we amaze (Brewer); I hope she likes what she sees and is willing to give us spots on the team, and potentially a scholarship to attend the university,” Naden said.


Masakada roster released for EAFF tourney in Hong Kong

[November 2, 2016 - Harmon, Guam] Guam Football Association officially released the names of players listed on the final Masakåda roster for the women’s competition of the EAFF E-1 Football Championship Round 2 in Hong Kong beginning next week.

The Masakåda, Guam women’s national football team, are the reigning champions of the EAFF tournament’s first round held earlier this year at the Guam Football Association National Training Center and earned a spot to play in Round 2 against Korea Republic, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong. The teams will be competing for a spot in the tournament’s final round set for next year in Japan. Already in the final round are former FIFA Women’s World Cup champions Japan, DPR Korea, and China, P.R.

“Based on film footage I’ve watched, the biggest difference from Round 1 to Round 2, will be the intensity of games – they’ll definitely be played at a higher intensity in Round 2,” said Belinda Wilson, listed as the team’s Head Coach for Round 2.


FIFA Women's Admin Course concludes with action points

[September 12, 2016 - Tumon, Guam] Four groups of participants in the recently concluded FIFA Women's Football Admininstration Course presented strategies to assist in the development of all aspects of women's football in Guam at the Pacific Star Resort & Spa in Tumon Sunday afternoon in front of Guam Football Association business sponsor representatives and GFA Executives.

The presentations pinpointed strategies to increase participation in the "Just Kick It" All-Girls League, increase the number of female representatives in key committees, increase the number and quality of female coaches in Guam, and increase the number and quality of female referees in Guam.


Seats available for FIFA Women's Football Admin Course

[September 5, 2016 - Harmon, Guam] The future of women’s football in Guam will be one of the main topics of discussion in a FIFA Women’s Football Administration Course to be held at Pacific Star Resort & Spa beginning 5:30 p.m. Wednesday with visiting FIFA instructor Heather Reid of Australia.

“I am taking this FIFA Women’s Development Course to prepare myself to continue to be involved at Guam Football Association after my playing career ends and coaching/administrative career begins,” said Anjelica Perez, current captain of the Masakåda, Guam women’s national team. “This course may help me gain a new perspective as a future coach and potential female leader in FIFA. Perhaps the instructor will demonstrate how to become an effective and influential leader by helping understand current struggles in the women’s program at comparable FIFA member associations.


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