Matao's Romero to play professionally in Mongolia

[April 24, 2015 - Harmon, Guam] Guam’s success in recent months leading up to automatic qualification to the second round of 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers continues to open doors to Asia’s professional football leagues, with the selection of the Matao’s Jonahan Romero to Khoromkhon FC, defending champion of Mongolia’s premier league, as the latest signing.

“With the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers coming up, I felt that I needed to be training and playing at a high level constantly,” said Romero, who will be departing to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia the first week of May. “I’d been going on a few trials with clubs in different Asian countries and it came down to contract negotiations. My agent, who’s based in the U.S., told me that playing for this club would open more doors for me, since it’s less difficult to go from one professional club to another, instead of taking a break like I had done.


Guam drawn in Group D of World Cup Qualifier

[April 14, 2015 - Harmon, Guam] FIFA World Cup fever spiked for about an hour during Asia’s Round 2 draw for the 2018 edition of the tournament, streamed live from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via the Asian Football Confederation Web site.

Drawn with Guam in Group D are I.R. Iran, Oman, India, and Turkmenistan. Matches will begin in June through to March next year.

“It will take the support of the entire community in Guam and supporters abroad for the team to be successful in Round 2 of 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers,” said Richard Lai, president of Guam Football Association. “For the first time, Guam qualified automatically for Round 2 of the World Cup qualifiers and the team is at a level that can fully compete with the countries in the group. I am proud of the work of the entire GFA organization, including all players – past and present – who have helped Guam achieve what is has to date.”


Matao's Grimes signs pro contract; pro club now affiliated with Guam FA

[April 4, 2015 - Harmon, Guam] Confidence gained from sharing in the Matao’s success at the EAFF East Asian Cup Semifinal Round last year in Chinese Taipei helped clear the path for a professional playing career for Guam central defender Mason Grimes.

Grimes recently signed a contract with USL team Tulsa Roughnecks FC after impressing coaches at a soccer combine in Ventura, Calif. in January. Gary White, Guam national team head coach and Guam Football Association technical director, also attended the combine and established a close relationship with club coaches to evaluate and possibly sign more players from Guam ready for the professional level.


Matao dominates 4-time AFF champions Singapore

[March 31, 2015 - Singapore] Singapore saved its skin in front of a home crowd with a late goal to force a 2-2 draw with the Matao in a FIFA international friendly match Tuesday at Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore.

Singapore, a country that had topped the ASEAN region of the Asian Football Confederation as four-time champions of the AFF Suzuki Cup, played catch-up to Guam the entire match, leaving a new level of respect for Guam by home fans and global football critics.


Hong Kong barely escapes with 1-0 win over Guam

[March 28, 2015 - Hong Kong] Strong, physical play kept thousands of spectators at the Mong Kok Stadium in Hong Kong on the edge of their seats Saturday and sealed a true, on-going rivalry between Hong Kong and Guam.

The host country escaped with a 1-0 victory following an early first-half goal from Jaimes McKee, allowing Hong Kong fans to breathe a sigh of relief, but leaving them anxious to know the teams’ next fixture date.


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