Teams face new challenges in 2017 women's rec soccer

[February 21, 2017 - Harmon, Guam] New challenges continue for teams in the Guam Football Association Women’s Intermediate Recreational Soccer League, as the league moves into Week 2 with format changes incorporated in the new Spring 2017 season.

Among the changes are two additional players on the pitch per team for a 9-A-Side format and the enforcement of the offside rule by league referees on a larger playing pitch.

“The changes aren’t too difficult, it’s just that we have to worry about more things now, especially the offside rule,” said Wagina Nauta of the Matson Heat/Cobras after the team’s match against FC Barrigada Crusaders. “Last season, we played 7-A-Side and no offside, so our coach (Fred Esteves) is helping us adjust to the changes.


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