Manibusan, Cramer, Awa honored with National Academy awards

Guam Football Association National Academy directors and staff recognized athletes Erwin Manibusan and Luella Cramer, and coach Ross Awa as the Jamaican Grill players and coach of the cycle, respectively, for the program’s first session of 2014.

“Erwin – ‘EJ’ – had the highest number of consecutive juggles during tests in the last week of the first cycle this year,” said Dominic Gadia, National Academy Director. “He had the best score among all age groups and has continued to stand out in the program. EJ’s technical ability is at a high level for his age group and rivals some of the players in older groups.

“He has a great passion for the sport and is always up to date with results from football all around the world. He continues to be one of our brightest players to date,” Gadia added.

The eight-year-old Manibusan plays for the Sidekick Soccer Club during the Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League seasons and is a second-grader at CDR William C. McCool Elementary/Middle School.

“Luella also had the highest number of consecutive juggles in our final week of this year’s first cycle,” Gadia said. “She continues to master new skills and techniques with ease and is able to apply her skills in match situations.

“A very tenacious player, Luella is on track to be a great talent for our youth national teams,” Gadia added.

The seven-year-old Cramer was one of the youngest athletes accepted into the program in 2012, its first year. Cramer plays for the Wings FC during the Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League seasons and is a first-grader at Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School.

Awa, a former youth national team goalkeeper, joined the program this year as a coach in the program’s new Goalkeeping Academy, after years of coaching youth teams with the Strykers FC organization.

“Ross is a great example of what is required of a youth coach,” Gadia said. “He is always energetic and enthusiastic, traits that youth players need in every training session. He is hardworking and a welcome addition to our coaching staff.

“Under the mentorship of our more experienced coaches, Ross can quickly become an established coach for our program and for our national teams,” Gadia added.

For their excellence and commitment to the National Academy program, Manibusan, Cramer, and Awa each received award certificates and prizes from Jamaican Grill. The winners received their prizes at the Dededo location of the restaurant.

Erwin "EJ" Manibusan, Luella Cramer, and coach Ross Awa recently were recognized for their excellence and commitment to the Guam Football Association National Academy. Pictured from left to right in the front row are Manibusan, National Academy Boys Player of the Cycle, and Cramer, National Academy Girls Player of the Cycle. In the back row are from left, Louisa Renuk, Jamaican Grill manager, the Jamaican Grill Jerk Man, and Awa, National Academy Coach of the Cycle.

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