Women's intermediate soccer Fall 2014 set to kick off

It may have been a long ten weeks for the teams, but the women of the Guam Football Association Intermediate 7-A-Side Recreational League will be back on the pitch in the league’s second edition beginning Sunday at the GFA National Training Center.

At the end of the league’s pilot season in June, the Queen Cobras’ Angel Dydasco said she was relieved for the break, but at the same time, looked forward to the next season, which is now in just a few days.

“I really enjoyed playing in the intermediate league,” Dydasco said in June. “I played with Pika Soccer Club about three years ago in the women’s competitive division, but had to stop because of a heel injury. When GFA started the Soccer Moms League, I decided to play again to get back into the sport and after, I decided to play in the intermediate league, too. It’s considered a recreational league, but we’re still playing against some younger and competitive players, so it’s a good workout.

“It was also great seeing more women come out to play. I was able to get my sister and daughter to play, too,” added the Agat resident.


Soccer Moms survive rain, look forward to higher division league

After six weeks of play, many of the athletes from the Guam Football Association Soccer Moms League are looking forward to moving up and playing in the new Women’s 7-A-Side Intermediate League, set to begin Sunday at the GFA National Training Center.

“After playing in the Moms League, I decided to also join the new intermediate league to get more experience and more matches in – I also really enjoy playing with my team,” said Dolores Cruz, a Yona resident who plays for Femme Fatale, a team made up primarily of mothers from the Guam Shipyard Wolverines club. “Before the Moms league, I played for one year in high school, but that was so many years ago. With this new opportunity to play, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a good workout for me and it’s also good to get out there with the kids during practice.”


Soccer Moms enjoy evening matches

Evening matches made quite the difference for hundreds of players in the Guam Football Association Soccer Moms League during Week 5 at the GFA National Training Center.

“Compared to previous weeks playing in the afternoon, you could see how the heat from the sun affects the way you play,” said Arlena Gofigan of the Heat Wave after her 7:10 p.m. match. “Of course, the night time game felt a lot cooler, which I enjoyed. One minor thing for me about the night games is having to make the long drive back home to Umatac at a later time in the evening after the game – but it’s okay.

“Overall, I just enjoy playing in the league with my teammates during day or night games. I love my team – we all get along great, the energy is there from all the players and camaraderie is good,” added Gofigan.

With the lower turf pitch available for evening matches on Sundays, league games kicked off at 5 p.m. instead of the 3 p.m. time slot from Weeks 1 to 4. The last round of matches kicked off at 7:10 p.m. instead of 4:10 p.m., giving the soccer moms the experience of playing under the floodlights.


Soccer welcome addition to Moms busy schedule

For Litasha Babas, playing soccer in the Guam Football Association Soccer Moms League is a welcome addition to her already hectic schedule that includes training for the upcoming half-marathon race of the Guam International Marathon this month.

“On Sundays, during this season’s Soccer Moms League, I get up early to run as part of my training for the half-marathon and after, I tell my family I have to take a nap before going to play soccer,” Babas said, with a laugh, after her team’s match against the Dededo Divas.

Babas opted to try soccer when the Soccer Moms League was first formed last year, after years of being her children’s biggest supporter from the sideline.


Soccer Moms League continues to grow

Looking forward, soccer-mom-turned-soccer-player Kelley Barnhart hopes to learn more about the sport by working with her teammates and coaches for better results in the next few weeks of the Guam Football Association Soccer Moms League.

“We didn’t have any practice sessions together before our first match, but hopefully with some sessions in before our next match, we can see who plays best in certain positions, continuously improve our skills and gain a better understanding of the game overall,” said Barnhart, who with her teammates on the Dededo Divas, played the team’s first Soccer Moms League match against Momsters High in Week 2. “Playing was tougher than I thought – I exercise regularly and I do zumba, but this was more difficult than I expected. I know how my kids feel now during matches.


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