Soccer Moms learn from kids

For Jadyn Palomares and younger brother Jason, spending their Sunday afternoons watching their mother play in the Guam Football Association Soccer Moms League is a welcome addition to their weekend.

“I like watching my mom play because she’s such a great goalie,” said nine-year-old Jadyn Palomares,

“She catches all the balls,” chimed in Jason Palomares, nodding his head in agreement.

Annie Palomares and her Island Girls teammates recently played a match against the Dededo Divas, along with eight other teams playing their respective matches, in Week 4 action at the GFA National Training Center.

“I prefer playing as a defender, helping my team prevent goals,” said Palomares, who is playing in her second season. “As the goalie though, there’s just so much more pressure and I feel so guilty if I let a shot in.

“I’ll ask my kids for advice, things like what the proper form is for a throw-in, or how to kick the ball so it goes up high and far. They teach me some tricks that I’ll try out when I can,” added Palomares, whose children Jadyn and Jason have been part of GFA’s National Academy since the program started in 2012. The siblings also play for the ASC Trust Islanders in the Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League.


Soccer Moms begin 2014 fall season

Close to 300 women made their way to the Guam Football Association National Training Center Sunday afternoon for the opening of the 2014 GFA Soccer Moms League Fall season, by far the largest number of players in the league’s past three seasons.

For first time player Eliana Walker, suiting up to play in her first match with the Wings Momdeshiko was an exhilarating experience.

“It was awesome – it was beautiful, I had so much fun,” Walker said. “The only experience I’ve had playing soccer was when I was six years old in school, if that counts. I’m originally from Colombia and everyone in Colombia is just crazy about soccer. So, you can say that soccer is in my blood, although I haven’t really played.


Players learn from every match in intermediate women's soccer

If it weren’t for some of her family members already playing on the Queen Cobras team in the Guam Football Association Women’s Intermediate 7-A-Side Recreational League, 18-year-old Yigo resident Veronica Dydasco might not have continued playing soccer after high school.

“I decided to play for the Queen Cobras because my aunties Angel (Dydasco) and Tina (Buendicho) and my first cousin Cierra (Borja) all play for the team and I didn’t really know anyone else from the other teams,” Dydasco said. “Playing in this league has been great – I like it. My favorite part about the league is playing matches with my teammates. I really like my team and we all have a lot of fun on the field. Every match we gain experience and learn from our mistakes for the next match.


Women's intermediate soccer promotes fitness, fun

The promotion of fitness may have attracted many women to play in Guam Football Association’s Women’s Intermediate 7-A-Side Recreational League, but other aspects of the sport keep them playing weekly at the GFA National Training Center.

“Most of us are part of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, where we emphasize fitness and playing the sport is a part of our fitness,” said Sonic Boom’s Corine Benavente. “I started playing in the GFA Soccer Moms League last year and this is my second intermediate league. From playing in all those leagues, I’ve developed a strong liking to the sport.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to commit to every practice session as many of us are parents with full-time jobs, but my kids keep my motivated,” added Benavente, whose 7-year-old daughter Hana Flores plays in the Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League with the ASC Trust Islanders.


Women's intermediate soccer opens with three matches

Over 100 players from six teams overcame first-game jitters to open the 2014 Guam Football Association Women’s Intermediate 7-A-Side Recreational League at the GFA National Training Center Sunday.

“Coming back to soccer after over six years brought back the feeling of playing the sport when I was in middle school and high school,” said Chelsie Gofigan of the Heat Wave. “My sister has been playing with the Heat Wave for over two seasons and encouraged me to play, and I also wanted to play soccer again, too. It was really exciting to get back out there, although it was hard since I’m not in shape.

“Playing in my first match after so long was fun. I think that with more practice time together and conditioning as a team, we all will continue to improve this season. In fact, I just met some of my teammates today,” added the Umatac resident, who scored her team’s opening match goal.


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