Latte Strong, Heat win Moms and Recreational leagues

[May 28, 2019 - Harmon, Guam] Southern Heat finished with the best record in the GFA Women's Recreational League to earn gold medals during the league-ending presentation ceremony Sunday evening at the Guam Football Association National Training Center.

Southern Heat emerged as winners of the league, after trailing the Tsunamis for most of the Spring 2019 season.

In the Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League, Latte Strong earned gold medals as top finishers of the Spring 2019 season.

Other teams participating in the Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League were Femme Fatale, Queen Cobras, Dededo Disasters, Dellar Islanders, Tsunami, Wings Momdeshiko, Docomoms, and Warriors.


TakeCare Women's event and referee course concludes

[April 29, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] As with most large Italian families, football was always a part of Rachael Consoli’s life growing up with her brothers; however, because the sport was mainly regarded as a boys-only activity, she never had the opportunity to step on the pitch as a player.

Fast forward to 2018, Consoli now puts on her shin guards and boots to play, holds a Guam Football Association “D” Coaching License, and recently completed an entry-level referee course, all made possible through the twice-yearly TakeCare Achieve Your Goals Women’s Soccer Event.

“I’m just so grateful that in Guam, it’s so open to having anyone, at any level of skill and any experience level to be able to come to GFA, play soccer, do a coaching course, and do a refereeing course among other opportunities,” said Consoli, who first arrived in Guam in Mar. 2017.


Achieve Your Goals expands to include referee course

[April 2, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] Slots are still available for the 7th Semi-Annual TakeCare Achieve Your Goals Women’s Soccer Festival, the twice-yearly event at Guam Football Association tailored specifically for women new to the sport or playing at a recreational level.

This season’s festival is structured into four weekly sessions on Saturdays beginning Apr. 7, which will include the popular women’s festival coordinated by GFA Player Development Officer Bryan Cadiz and GFA coaches. New this season is the first-ever Women’s Referee Course, where participants will learn the Laws of the Game, among other refereeing matters, coordinated by GFA Director of Referees George Stewart. Top participants may receive appointments to officiate in domestic leagues.

“Based on the success of the event in the Fall season last year, where close to 60 women completed a six-week coaching course and have now begun coaching at a youth level, we’ve worked toward offering more with the referee course this season and possibly a women’s administration course next season,” said Belinda Wilson, GFA Technical Director.


Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League Spring '18 kicks off

[February 5, 2018 - Harmon, Guam] Hundreds of mothers playing in the Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League flocked to the Guam Football Association National Training Center Sunday to officially play their 2018 Spring season openers after a brief opening ceremony and Parade of Colors.

A total of 10 teams comprise the league this season. Teams competing in the current season are the Docomoms, Dededo Disasters, Tsunami A, Tsunami B, Guam Shipyard Femme Fatale, Islanders DOMinators, Warriors, Queen Cobras, Wings Momsdeshiko, and Latte Strong. The league continues through to March 11 with five matches per week.

The Soccer Moms League began in the Fall of 2013 and featured eight teams in the lone novice league for women. Since its first season, the number of teams continuously increased and in one season, featured 16 teams.


Fall 2017 Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League concludes

[November 6, 2017 - Harmon, Guam] Over 200 players, coaches and officials completed their final matches of the Docomo Pacific 9th Soccer Moms League Sunday at the Guam Football Association National Training Center and many can’t wait for the next season to start.

“I love playing in the Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League because it’s fun and it’s a way to exercise at the same time,” said Lucele Leon Guerrero, who plays for the Islanders DOMinators. “It’s also great meeting new people and getting back into the sport since high school. I first joined in the Spring of 2015 and since then, I’ve noticed there are always new moms joining the league. As a mom, having this league just for us is so nice; a lot of us surprise ourselves on the field – being able to play even if our knees are hurting, or outdoors when it’s hot, sometimes I think how amazing it is that we could do it all.

“Over the two years that I’ve played in the league, the main difference now for me is that I feel more confident when I’m out on the field. When I first started, I wouldn’t want to try to run up, I always found myself staying back. Our coach would always tell me to move forward and now I can see the difference it makes,” the Dededo resident added.


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